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tile cleaning the villages flChampion Chem-Dry tile cleaning, stone cleaning and grout cleaning services deliver outstanding results throughout The Villages, FL.

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Bathrooms, kitchens and patios look amazing with beautiful tile, ceramic or stone floors.

Hard surface floors are easy to wipe down to and remove surface stains.

Clara Hill
Clara Hill
I had Chem Dry clean my rug and upholstered chairs. They came out better than expected. I'll always use Chem-Dry.
patricia porak
patricia porak
Great service! Was able to remove several spots from carpets!
Eileen Honohan
Eileen Honohan
Michael was timely, professional, friendly and thorough.
Michele Van
Michele Van
Love Chem dry carpet cleaning. I would never use any other method.
Connie Watkins
Connie Watkins
Eric and his helper arrived on time, cleaned all my tile floors, carpeting and an area rug, plus outside cushions in an efficient manner, leaving the floors looking great.
Carol Bushnell
Carol Bushnell
Very professional! Awesome job
Nancy Hellekson
Nancy Hellekson
My dog was ill, so my rug was very soiled. I tried to clean it with my carpet cleaning, but it was still very soiled. Champion Chem-Dry came and cleaned and sanitized the rug. It looks almost new!
craig cook
craig cook
Michael who did our rugs was very thorough and pleasant did a great job, rugs looked great, will use them again
Janine Ortega
Janine Ortega
Chad was very professional and experienced. Carpets look and smell great. My furniture was not damaged!

Deep Tile Cleaning

Porous portions of stone and tile will breed bacteria over time without regular deep tile cleaning. Dirt builds up over time and it must be removed.

Sweeping and mopping hard-surface floors and tile reduce the buildup of dirt but do not prevent it entirely.

You can attempt deep tile cleaning on your own. You will need to get on your hands and knees with a toothbrush or scrub brush and vigorously scrub the porous areas that brooms don’t reach. It is an extremely labor-intensive chore and the results won’t match the professionals.

Champion Chem-Dry tile cleaning delivers a much deeper clean with innovative equipment and solutions. Our technicians are certified to clean tile, stone and grout.

The goal is cleaner, healthier tile. No different than our carpet cleaning service or upholstery cleaning. Champion Chem-Dry removes germs and contaminants found in your tile and in your home to create a safer environment for children and pets.

When you hire Champion Chem-Dry or tile cleaning, you aren’t only cleaning your floors, you are also protecting your family and creating a healthier living space.

Tile Cleaning For a Healthier Home

Professional tile cleaning protects your floor investment and your health.

You don’t realize just how much a clean home helps with your health. It’s one of the biggest benefits of hiring Chem-Dry and it can’t be overstated.

Our services remove bacteria and contaminants that can be harmful.

Homes that aren’t cared for and cleaned correctly are not healthy environments. The outdoors can be healthier than a dirty home.

Routine cleaning is the first step but just as important is professional tile cleaning. Professional tile cleaning removes the deep, embedded dirt unseen to the human eye.

Our service penetrates deep into the porous surfaces of tile and stone to restore the natural appearance of your floor. Tile and stone are brighter and more vibrant after our technician cleans them.

This service will also extend the lifetime of your floor and built up dirt and contaminants can wear down the quality of floor over time.

Not only does Champion Chem-Dry remove dirt. Our service helps to seal it out in the future using a sealant applied at the end of the process.

Tile Cleaning Process

Certified Chem-Dry technicians inspect your flooring to best understand how to properly clean the area. Technicians are trained in tile cleaning in order to provide a thorough process that results in exceptionally clean and healthy tile, stone and grout:

  • Surface-level particles and soils are removed for access to deeper dirt.
  • Adjacent flooring is taped off for protection.
  • Quality checks ensure the process is working correctly.
  • Sealant creates a barrier to help prevent contaminants and dirt from becoming embedded within the porous surface. The sealant protects the floor following the tile cleaning service.
  • Additional services such as grout recoloring, stone polishing and granite renewal restore your floor and other surfaces to their original color and luster.

Our complete list of tile cleaning services entails sanitizing, sealing, color restoration, polishing and granite renewal.

Chem-Dry technicians are trained to clean ceramic, porcelain, slate, satillo, concrete, granite, travertine and additional surfaces and materials

Tile and stone floors are beautiful. Routine cleaning only does so much though. Trust the professionals at Champion Chem-Dry for superior, deep tile cleaning.

Learn more about our services at our blog or call (352) 350-7698. We’re here to help and provide answers to any question you might have.

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