Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaning

tile cleaning lake countyChampion Chem-Dry of Lake County offers professional tile cleaning, stone cleaning and grout cleaning for your home or business.

Tile and stone floors are beautiful but just like carpet they’re very susceptible to dirt and bacteria build-up over time.

Dirt and grime build up in the porous surfaces of tile and stone flooring in your home. The build-up of dirt and contaminants creates a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, especially in your kitchen or bathroom.

Of course you want your home to beautiful but even more important is that it is healthy. Chem-Dry helps with that. We clean a wide variety of flooring surfaces to remove bacteria, dirt and contaminants and have your floor looking like new again.

Chem-Dry Cleans:

– Ceramic
– Porcelain
– Granite
– Slate
– Saltillo
– Travertine
– Concrete

Chem-Dry Tile Cleaning:

Chem-Dry cleaning combined with sanitizer has been proven to remove 98.6% of bacteria from tile, stone and grout. Not only is your floor clean after a tile cleaning appointment from us, but your home is much healthier too!

Mops, brooms or even scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush cannot produce those same results. Manual DIY efforts will help slow the process of bacteria build up but cannot prevent it. You need professional deep cleaning in order to remove all bacteria from tile, stone and grout.

Our technicians are trained in the proper methods to deliver amazing results to our customers. We’re prepared to clean a variety of surfaces with top-line equipment and innovative solutions you won’t find from similar services.

We have a 6-point process that’s effective and efficient.

Chem-Dry Tile Cleaning Service:

– Pretest
– Preparation
– Clean
– Sanitizer
– Sealant
– Polish


Before starting to clean, the technician will thoroughly pretest the surface in order to determine the type of tile or stone. This ensures the floor receives the proper care and attention for optimal results.

This is particularly important for acid-sensitive flooring like marble, terrazzo, travertine and limestone.


After the pretest is complete, the technician will tape off the area to protect surrounding rooms and surfaces from the process.


First the technician will perform dry soil and dirt and removal in order to get the best access to deeper, embedded grime.

The deep cleaning then begins with constant inspections and quality checks throughout the process to ensure superior results.

If at any time the cleaner feels the service is not working correctly, he or she will start over to ensure a consistent, quality clean.


Sanitizer is applied throughout the service to kill the germs and bacteria build-up in the grout and porous surfaces. The sanitizer helps to deliver our healthy results!


Immediately after the cleaning, the technician applies sealant that creates a barrier over your floor to slow down the process of germs and dirt penetrating the surface. The sealant also helps make future routine cleaning easier than before.


The technician will then go over the floor once more to polish the surface and leave a beautiful shine that looks brand new!

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How to Prepare for Tile Cleaning?

1) Clear Clutter

You can prepare for tile cleaning if you pick up and relocate everything on your tile or stone floor, including shoes, toys, food bowls, litter boxes and other miscellaneous household items. If you clear away all the clutter on the floor it ensures a more efficient service.

Technicians try not to be invasive or handle personal property unless necessary. We recommend you move your items so the technicians do not have to.

2) Floor Mats

We recommend using floor mats on stone and tile surfaces to help reduce the amount of dirt that reaches the floor. Before the technician arrives, move the mats outdoors or in another room of your home.

3) Furniture

You can move kitchen chairs, stools and other furniture on your floor to help prepare for tile cleaning. Furniture can be moved to another room in the home until the floor dries.

4) Sweep

Basic sweeping of your tile floor is helpful to remove as much loose dirt and debris as possible. Of course the technician will ensure the surface is clean as part of his or her tile cleaning process but the less dirt on the floor the better.

5) Easy Access

Be sure the technician can access your tile floor with ease. Clear a path from the entry way to the tile floor so that there is no risk of the technician tripping and so he or she is not slowed down when hauling in equipment and other items necessary for the appointment.

6) Pets

Pets are often scared of strangers, including Chem-Dry tile cleaning technicians. For your pet’s peace of mind, we recommend moving him or her to another room in the house that is out of sight.

Pets can slow down an appointment if they run in and out of the room being cleaned or block access in and out of the home.

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Tile Cleaning FAQ

Tile and stone floors are extremely durable but there are porous surfaces on the floor that are susceptible to dirt, germs and bacteria. Over time the color and shine of tile and floor is diluted with dirt too.Our tile cleaning services reach deep into the porous areas of the tile and stone to remove bacteria build-up and embedded dirt that mops and rags cannot reach. Equipment can also brighten and polish the surface to renew its original shine and Chem-Dry tile cleaning is without streaks or residue.
Yes. Chem-Dry ceramic tile cleaning and grout cleaning is without chemicals or harsh soap and detergents. Our process is healthy for your home and your family.
There are tips on the internet that recommend tile cleaning with vinegar and water or cleaning a kitchen floor with lemon juice. Other tile cleaning tips include baking soda, peroxide, bleach, acid and ammonia. Be careful when using bleach and ammonia as both can be harmful if inhaled heavily or used incorrectly.Some DIY internet tips might lead to a short-term surface-level clean but will not effectively remove dirt and bacteria from grout and tile.
The cost of tile cleaning depends on the total square feet that needs to be cleaned and the stone or tile. Call Chem-Dry of Lake County at (PHONE) for an estimate or fill out our online estimate request for tile cleaning.
Yes. You can rent tile cleaning machines at hardware stores and other retailers but we do not recommend it. You could do harm to both the machine and your tile or cause permanent damage that future cleaning cannot repair. Sometimes professional tile cleaning can be expensive but you receive a quality service and the assurance the job will be done right.