Area Rug Cleaning

rug cleaning lake countyChampion Chem-Dry of Lake County offers expert rug cleaning for area rugs, rug runners, Oriental rugs, heirloom rugs and fine textiles.

Area rugs are a beautiful addition to a room and wonderful décor. But area rugs endure much more wear and tear than other décor in your home. Rugs are often placed in high-traffic areas that become worn from dirt.

Benefits of Chem-Dry Rug Cleaning:

– Certified technicians
– Top-of-line equipment
– Green solutions
– Safe for children
– Safe for pets
– Guaranteed satisfaction

Our technicians are trained in cleaning synthetic, wool, cotton, silk and most common rug fabrics and materials and thoroughly evaluate each rug to ensure it receives the best care possible.

Your fine textiles, heirloom rugs and Oriental rugs are in good hands with Champion Chem-Dry of Lake County.

We provide the same attention to detail and customer service as a small, local business combined with the trust, expertise and innovation of a national brand.

Chem-Dry Rug Cleaning Service:

– Evaluation
– Vacuum
– The Natural®
– Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE)
– Rake


The Champion Chem-Dry of Lake County technician will inspect and evaluate the rug in order to ensure the proper solutions and techniques are used for the rug’s materials and fabrics.


We will vacuum the rug to remove loose debris, pet hair and dirt on the surface of the rug. It is important to remove all dirt from the surface prior to the rug being dampened with the application of The Natural.

The Natural®

The Natural is our proprietary cleaning solution that uses carbonation to lift dirt and contaminants from the rug fibers to the surface. The Natural contains no soap, chemicals or detergents and is on the FDA GRAS list.

Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE)

The technician then uses our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) suction equipment to remove all of the exposed dirt and contaminants and The Natural. The HCE process and equipment has received The Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval and is recognized as one of the best methods for rug cleaning and carpet cleaning.


We will use a carpet rake to rake the rug fibers after we remove all of the dirt and solution from the surface and fibers. The process will help the fibers stand up and expedite the drying process.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our customers happiness comes first and we promise satisfaction after an appointment with Champion Chem-Dry of Lake County. If you are not pleased with your rug cleaning service please call us at (352) 728-8626 and we will send out another technician to assist you.

Why is Professional Rug Cleaning Important?

We encourage you to vacuum your rugs on a regular basis due to the amount of traffic most rugs receive in a home or business. But routine vacuuming will not remove dirt that is embedded deep within the fibers of a rug.

If embedded dirt is ignored for too long you risk the chance of permanent wear and tear and the color and patterns of the rug fading.

Rugs are not cheap and some are even rare or hold sentimental value. Protect your investment and your heirlooms and trust the professionals at Champion Chem-Dry of Lake County.

How to Prepare for Rug Cleaning?


Remove any shoes, socks, toys or other items on the rug prior to the Champion Chem-Dry of Lake County technician arrival. The easier the access to the rug the more efficient the process and appointment will be.


Relocate your pets somewhere away from the rugs you want us to clean. Some pets are scared of strangers or will interfere with the cleaning process which can be inefficient for the technician. If you place your pet in another room it will allow the technician to focus more on the service he provides.

Move Furniture

If the rug is beneath furniture you can move the furniture to the side to allow fast access to the rug for cleaning. If you cannot move the furniture the technician will be able to do so before the cleaning.


Give the rug a good once-over before the technician arrives to take note of stains or any areas of concern to call out to him. Our technicians are trained to spot problem areas during the initial evaluation but additional customer communication is always appreciated!

Clear a Path

Clear a path from the door of your home to the rugs you want cleaned. Anything that the technician might trip over or might slow down the rug cleaning process can be moved for a more safe and efficient experience.

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Rug Cleaning FAQ

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