Carpet Cleaning for Allergies

Did you know professional carpet cleaning removes embedded dirt, contaminants and allergens to aid in allergy relief in your home?

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Seasonal Allergy Relief

Contrary to Internet myths and once common belief, wall-to-wall carpet and carpet tiles are actually the best flooring choices for allergy sufferers and allergy relief.

If you are one of the estimated 40 million Americans who suffer from indoor allergies or one of the 25 million people with asthma, recent studies have shown that you should not remove carpeting to control allergy symptoms.

Be sure to vacuum regularly and routinely call upon a professional carpet cleaning. We offer tips for the best vacuuming methods.

Common allergens are constantly circulating through the air you breathe and soft surfaces such as carpets, rugs and upholstery actually act as giant filters, trapping these allergens and keeping them out of the air.

However, just like an air filter in your home or car, carpets become full over time and must be properly cleaned to effectively trap particulates as they settle from the air.

You can ensure healthier indoor air in your home for you and your family by keeping your carpets clean and in good condition through proper cleaning techniques and having your carpets cleaned once or twice every 12 months, particularly during allergy season.

Common Household Allergens

Here are some of the most common allergens in carpet:

carpet allergy relief dust miteDust Mites

Dust mites strive in indoor climate and particularly in bedding, mattresses, carpet and areas with moisture.

The dust mites absorb the moisture created from those surfaces in order to survive.

Allergens produced by house dust mites are among the most common triggers of asthma.

Typical symptoms of house dust mite allergies are itchiness, sneezing, inflamed or infected skin, watery and red eyes, sneezing repeatedly, runny noses and clogging in the lungs.

Properly maintaining and cleaning your carpet and keeping humidity levels below 50% can help reduce the chance of dust mites in your home.

Pet Dander

Pet dander is microscopic flecks of skin shed off from cats and dogs and other animals with fur or feathers. Typically older pets produce larger amounts of pet dander more often than younger pets.

Dander tends to circulate in the air much longer than most allergens, which means it can be transferred in and out of homes and business very easy, even if no animals live in a home.

Allergic reactions to dander typically involve respiratory issues, including prolonged coughing and trouble breathing.

In order to prevent pet allergens, it’s recommended to keep pets out of your home as much as possible. If you own a pet, don’t let pets rest on beds or furniture and perform regular carpet cleaning.

Pet urine in carpet can also have negative health consequences. You will want to call a professional carpet cleaner to thoroughly clean and remove pet urine stains and odor.


Mold is a common fungus often found in damp, poorly ventilated, dark areas of a home. It is a component of household dust or sometimes spoiled food or spilled liquids.

Allergies and respiratory issues can occur when large quantities of mold are breathed in. Some mold, known as “toxic mold”, contains mycotoxins that can potentially lead to neurological problems after extended periods of exposure.

Preventing mold requires maintaining relatively low moisture levels throughout your home, routinely removing all trash from your home and monitoring expiration dates on food kept in your kitchen.

Carpet Cleaning Removes Allergens

Chem-Dry commissioned a leading independent air quality laboratory to conduct a study using Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process in multiple homes in order to determine how effect its carpet cleaning service was in allergy relief.

The lab found that Chem-Dry removes an average of 98.1% of non-living allergens* from carpets and upholstery cleaned.

The common allergens tested included cat and dog dander and dust mite allergen.

This means there are less allergens in your home to trigger an attack.

Because Champion Chem-Dry uses 80% less water than typical steam cleaning and carpet cleaning rental machines, there is no excess water left behind to cause mold or mildew issues and a shorter dry time of only a few hours.

In fact, WebMD recommends avoiding carpet shampooers if you suffer from allergies due to the potential for mold and mildew growth in wet carpet.

This is why Champion Chem-Dry cleans for your health like no one else throughout Sumter and Lake County, FL.

Call us at (352) 350-7698 to schedule your next carpet cleaning appointment and enjoy allergy relief.

Manage Allergies at Home

To maximize your cleaning efforts and experience allergy relief, here are some additional simple things you can do to manage allergies at home:

  • Dust to control mites: By dusting all the surfaces in your home and washing bedding often, you can control the amount of dust mites in your home.
  • Vacuum often: Vacuuming once or twice a week will reduce the surface dust mites and animal dander in your home. If possible, use a high-powered HEPA filter vacuum. For allergy relief, consider vacuuming even more often.
  • Reduce pet dander: Wash house pets weekly to cut down on the amount of allergens in your home. In between baths, wipe down pets when they return from outdoors.
  • Shut out pollen: Keep windows and doors closed to keep pollen out. Use an air filter and change it regularly.